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SAR & Military Callsign

A tail number refers to an identification number painted on an aircraft, frequently on the tail. In Indonesia, these are grouped based on the aircraft function and the type of aircraft. Among them are Fighters, Transports, helicopters, Trainers, and SAR. The composition of the tail number is Aircraft Function-two numbers ahead of the aircraft type and then followed the numbers sort (X-YYZZ). eg. Cargo owned by Indonesian Air Force (code: A), a type of aircraft is C-130 (code: 13), then the numbers of sort is 01, so the tail number is A-1301.

For more details the following is a list of aircraft type code:

Owner Aircraft Function Code
Indonesia Air Force Reconnaissance AI
Indonesia Air Force Heli Trainer HL
Indonesia Air Force Heli Fighter HT
Indonesia Air Force Heli Cargo H
Indonesia Air Force Basic Trainer LD
Indonesia Air Force Advance Trainer LL
Indonesia Air Force Fighter Trainer TL
Indonesia Air Force Tactic Fighter TT
Indonesia Air Force Fighter TS
Indonesia Naval Aviation Cargo U
Indonesia Naval Aviation Reconnaissance P
Indonesia Naval Aviation Basic Trainer L
Indonesia Naval Aviation Heli Cargo HU/NV
Indonesia Naval Aviation Heli Fighter HS
Indonesia Army Aviation Cargo A
Indonesia Army Aviation Heli Cargo HA
Indonesia Army Aviation Heli Fighter HS
Indonesia Search and Rescue Heli SAR HR
Indonesia Farmer Aviation Single Propeller ST

When logon to IvAP you are prompted to enter the IVAP “callsign” and the above codes can be used in accordance with the aircraft that you are using. Then, what’s code for each aircraft? As already described above, each aircraft having the code in accordance with the type of aircraft.


Aircraft List

For this type of aircraft owned, you can find it on this page.

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