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Rules & Regulations

1. Minimum Requirements

    1.1. When you decide to join us, Sky Guard Indonesia. Make sure that you understand the General Rules and Regulation IVAO Network and at least have FS3 rating on IVAO Network and your account must active or not being suspended.
    1.2. Register with real name indeed (nickname prohibited) and the same profile in the IVAO Network
    1.3. If you are joined as member and your IVAO Account is deleted or suspended, We have evaluating your account
    1.4. If you are falsy your information, you will be deleted
    1.5. High Professionalism and dedication must be made accompanied by a better attitude both with members outside the Sky Guard Indonesia nor the IVAO Network
    1.6. As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to harbour a reasonable level of written and spoken English.
    1.7. Abuse of the our rules or general rules in Network can lead to your account will be suspended
    1.8. The Members are expected to have a minimum knowledge of radio communication, should be familiar with aviation terminology, and should be know well the aviation basic.

2. Online Activities

    2.1. All activity in the Sky Guard Indonesia must be completed by IVAO Network
    2.2. The Members must have the better manners and not to causing conflic in the network
    2.3. Beaware when you at the Network, you must use tail namber as your callsign, put remark “OPR/SGI” to record your flight automatically, use approximately same aircraft type as on mission. Otherwise pirep will rejected or not recorded.
    2.4. The Members must doing better to write flightplan. Your PIREP will be reviewed, otherwise we will reject if your flightplan is not correct or we know you are flying wrong from the mission.
    2.5. The Members must follow the mission stated in accordance with the timetable
    2.6. Following ATC instruction is mandatory

3. Flight Operations

    3.1. Before flying at your request hub, the member must be flying as cadet with basic aircraft for training
    3.2. The Members must be complete the training and we will reviewed after your training flight is complete.
    3.3. Only routes that applicable for your ranks will be shown
    3.4. Mission briefing is given in each route, not following briefing will result to PIREP rejection
    3.5. Flying each route with proper aircraft is Mandatory or PIREP will be rejected
    3.6. Some routes are applicable to be flown in formation
    3.7. Charter flight is NOT ALLOWED unless published NOTAM from ID-SOC/ID-SOAC
    3.8. We do not simulate any political & military views of any nation or country.