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Guardian Officer Tasks


Special Operations Group – Sky Guard Indonesia (SOG-SGI) is the one of IVAO Official Special Operations Group in Indonesia. We accomodate special operations activities in IVAO Network under Indonesia division. As a group, SGI managed by Officer on duty. Here is the main tasks of the Officer in accordance with their department.


SGI-C / Commander

– Managing SOG activity coordinate with ID-SOC
– Responsive to current issues to improve SOG activity
– Coordinate Guardian Officer and maintain or improve Officer’s tasks
– Pirep checking

SGI-R / Resources

– Managing SOG resource :

> Documents
> Repaints
> Sceneries

SGI-M / Missions (vacant)

– Create events & tours
– Managing SOG flight schedule

SGI-IT / Tech (vacant)

– Managing SGI’s website
– Developing any programs to support SGI’s activity

SGI-T / Trainer (Under Ripening)

  • Soon

SGI-A/ ATC Operations (Under Ripening)

  • Soon