In Sky Guard, we tried to simulate as real as it gets. Based on military flying course, so we create our career maps that will explain below.

First step after you register as a guardian. You should complete your Guardian Basic Course and Advance Course. Basic Course you should make a standard pattern, and do a touch and go, also making a short flight from A airport to B airport (in case WAHH-WAHQ or WAHQ-WAHH).

in Advance Course, you should complete medium flight, triangle cross country, long distance navigation exercise, etc. Overall, your training time is 20 Hours after that you'll get your callsign and the 2nd Leuietnant. In 2nd Leuietnant you'll approved to bring any aircraft type unless B738 / A-001 (for this aircraft, you should be Captain)



In Sky Guard Indonesia, we used an automatic record from IVAO Network. Our system will be detected your callsign and your remark. You should put remark OPR/SGI in column 18 (remarks column) in IVAO flightplan sheet. The callsign that we use is only military & police callsign in Indonesia check here.



In Sky Guard Indonesia, we used a VA's system based on PHPVMS. We've many features for the Guardian. Before entering our Guardian Room, you should be registered as IVAO Member and also as Guardian.


Every missions (events, tours, and others) we've rewards for participants. Every missions has a special patchs. Sky Guard Indonesia has an Ranks system based on Flying Hours. Every missions has a different hours count.


Cadets I passed 0 - 10 hours

Cadest II passed 11-20 hours

2nd Leuietnant passed 20-250 hours

1st Leuietnant passed 250-500 hours


Patches 1

Patches 2

Patches 3

Patches 4

HQ Awards

If you are join the Divisions SO Event (approved by SOD HQ) you will get a points every events. The badges/awards you can found here