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[Mission] Troops Delivery – Sky Guard Indonesia

[Mission] Troops Delivery – Sky Guard Indonesia

——————————— MISSION COMPLETED ———————————

Sky Guard Indonesia invite you to join weekly mission. “Troops Delivery” this mission start from WIHH to WABB, transit via WARA & WAAA. You will bring 100 troopers from Halim Airbase. Troops delivering to help build a villages inland.

How to Join?

1. Put Callsign for C130 with registration A1321, A1325, A1330, A1335, A1318 (another callsign is no allowed)

2. Must including remarks on other information (column 18) at IVAO Flightplan: STS/HUM, this indicate that you are under  flight operating on a humanitarian mission. And followed with CS/Rajawali XX (change XX with last number for aircraft registration that you used for callsign).

3. Flight must be done under IVAO Networks

4. Pilots must be Guardian Pilot who passed Guardian Flying School.

5. Must be completed before April, 23rd 2018 at 23.59z

6. Pilot must be filling flightplan correctly

7. Please comply general regulations of Sky Guard Indonesia.


Let’s Fly and completing this mission!




——————————— MISSION COMPLETED ———————————

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